Artist Statement

I find myself drawn to expressing my creativity each and every day. I love the idea of creating something out of nothing – just a bit of paint and canvas.  It amazes me how a painting evolves into something that can stimulate more ideas, which then, in turn, stimulate even more.

Barbara Cella with her paintings

Saint Mary’s paintings show at Moraga Art Gallery big success!

Acrylic paints have long fascinated me and I love mixing up new colors to capture just the right atmosphere in the air, the green in the shadows, and the sparkle of color on a meadow. I find myself drawn to the Impressionists and dearly wish I could spend a day with Monet or Pissarro. As I explore the world of plein air painting, I feel I’m with them, experiencing the creative moment as they once did – the sounds, the sun, the breeze, the smells and the creative process.

Throughout my youth, art was the thing that made my heart sing. Whenever I had a free moment in school, I was working on art projects and talking with the art teachers. Nothing else has ever moved my spirit as much as the creative process. Now as an adult and evolving artist, I love the way my skills are expanding.  Seeing the world through an artist’s eyes is a focus of mine these days. Looking at color, shape, and often the fleeting moment of shadows and light continue to fascinate me. Angles and focus draw me into the most unusual scenes, and I’m drawn to document them with my creative eye and craft.

Opening reception at Valley Art Gallery

At Valley Art Gallery in Walnut Creek

To share my creativity with others honors me and gives me great pleasure. It is a very special moment when someone decides that they’d like to have some of my creativity in their lives. I look forward to many moments in the future as I continue to share my evolving art.

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